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Billiard table RESOURCES New billiard supply store shuts down amid billiard-related concerns

New billiard supply store shuts down amid billiard-related concerns

The billiard supplies store at Boynton Beach’s Billiards Supply Store, which has been selling billiard equipment since it opened in 2015, is now closed.

The store closed its doors on Sunday due to the growing number of bills being played, according to an email from Billiard Supply, which is owned by a company owned by Billiardi Sports Inc. The store was expected to open Monday.

Billiardi Supply is located at 1601 Atlantic Ave., in the strip mall area just off the Atlantic Avenue Mall.

The company says it was notified that the billiard supplies store was closing after receiving complaints from customers.

The owners are still looking into the situation and working to determine what the best course of action is.

Billiard Supply, located at 1600 Atlantic Ave.

in Boynton Park, closed its first store in 2016 after an employee noticed an increase in the number of patrons in the store, according, to the company.

A spokesperson for the company told the Orlando Sentinel that the store’s owner, Bob Billi, and employees are taking the matter seriously and will have no further comment.

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