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Billiard table Repeater ‘I don’t know if I can even do it’: ‘I’m scared’ after being shot by cops in the head in Georgia

‘I don’t know if I can even do it’: ‘I’m scared’ after being shot by cops in the head in Georgia


— Cases of domestic violence against women in Georgia have skyrocketed in the past decade.

But in many cases, the women don’t realize the extent of their wounds.

In the wake of a deadly police shooting, many women are struggling to understand what went wrong and whether their attackers deserve to be punished, experts say.

The shooting occurred on June 12, 2010, when deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance call at a residence in Castle Beach, a predominantly white community of about 5,000 people.

“I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t even know who I was,” said one woman, who asked to be identified only by her first name, Anna.

She was shot multiple times in the left ear and the back of her head.

The shooting left her permanently disabled and had a profound impact on her mental health.

“It’s been almost a year since I’ve been out, and I still have a scar on my right ear,” she said.

“I’ve lost friends.

I have PTSD.”

It took nearly a year for the state to begin prosecuting perpetrators of domestic abuse.

In the meantime, the woman said she’s been unable to find work and she’s often struggling to keep up with bills and her husband’s medical bills.

The incident also prompted lawmakers to pass a bill to strengthen domestic violence laws.

But even after lawmakers approved the legislation in 2011, the bill has not yet made it into law.

The bill was signed into law by then-Gov.

Jay Nixon in February of this year.

It was supposed to be a pilot program, allowing judges to make orders that would prevent future domestic violence incidents.

But it wasn’t until this past spring that the law took effect and was signed by the governor.

According to the law, a judge may order that someone who is convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence incident be placed on the state’s domestic violence registry.

The registry includes information on the person’s employment, criminal records and medical records.

Currently, the state only has about 3,200 domestic violence cases, a figure that is growing as more and more women turn to shelters for help.

Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal signed legislation last year that made it easier for judges to order people who are convicted of domestic attacks to be placed under the registry.

Deal signed the legislation after receiving a letter from a local woman who had been forced to live with a violent boyfriend.

But after the law went into effect, more women are turning to shelters.

A woman in the Atlanta suburb of Augusta, Georgia, who was forced to leave her abusive husband because of domestic issues, now has a program to take care of her husband and two children.

The woman, Jennifer, said she was initially hesitant to participate in the program, but after learning that she was eligible to participate, she was able to start the program.

“I thought it was something I could do.

I knew I was doing something good for the community,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer’s husband was sentenced to 10 years in prison for domestic violence and the two children are now 18 and 11.

She said she felt like she was helping to end the cycle of violence by helping other women.

“The women I’ve met, they are going through the same thing that I’m going through, and that’s just devastating,” she told ABC News.

“The worst thing is they just don’t feel they have any power to say anything, because they feel like they don’t have a voice.”

Jennifer said she now feels empowered to speak out because she knows how much she needs to do to change the situation for the better.

She said she has also learned that even if someone who has been convicted of the crime of domestic assault is in jail, she is still not protected.

Jennifer said that even though the law gives judges the power to order someone on the registry to be in jail for their crimes, she said it’s not a guarantee.

So when the woman says she is in a domestic violence shelter and Jennifer asks if she can call her, Jennifer says she has to give the woman the address of the shelter and a phone number.

Jennifer is now taking part in a program that provides support and counseling to women who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.

She and other women said that they are frustrated that women are still left out of the criminal justice system.

“We are in a system where we are not empowered to say ‘no’ to our own abuser,” Jennifer told ABC.

“We are being asked to do that for a man who is supposed to represent us.

That is just unacceptable.”

If I am going to go and help somebody else, I have to do it right, so that I can help myself.

“Georgia Gov.-elect Nathan Deal speaks at a news conference on April 4, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Gov-

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