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Billiard table RESOURCES Which billiard shop will open the best?

Which billiard shop will open the best?

BOGIES Billiard factory Lofts, located at 519 E. 6th St., will have the best billiarts in Bogies.

Owner John Bowers said he’s already been asked by some to open a second location in South Beach and will open another in the future.

“I’m so excited to be opening a second shop and I’m very thankful to the neighborhood and the community for making it happen,” he said.

Bowers plans to open the second shop sometime this summer.

The first shop opened in December.

“We want to bring a fresh, modern look to the store.

We want to add a lot of fun and play,” he added.

The two shops will offer a variety of billiars including an all-inclusive billiard that costs $200.

And if you want something different, the store will offer one-on-one billiors for $200 per person.

The store has a full bar, and Bowers wants to serve cocktails, too.

He has plans to offer a cocktail menu.

The location will also serve food, including sandwiches and burgers.

Bower hopes to open another store in South Florida soon.

“That will be the second one in Bogie and hopefully that will be a very busy place,” he joked.

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