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Billiard table RESOURCES Why I bought a billiard shop at a billiarts store in New York

Why I bought a billiard shop at a billiarts store in New York

I bought my first billiard table in New Jersey, and I’ve been there ever since.

When I bought it, the owner told me it was for a friend.

He had a big family, so the kids didn’t need a billy.

I remember seeing my friend on a bill, and saying, “You got to come down here to see it.

It’s good.”

I thought, Well, I guess it’s a great time to buy a billie.

I thought it would be the perfect place to hang out with friends.

It was.

The bar was huge, with a big, big hole in the middle of it, and it was just a great hangout.

I was so glad I took a chance.

I came back the next day and it had a completely different owner.

He said, “No, you have to come to this room.

You can’t sit there and watch a video.”

So, I did.

And then a few weeks later, I found out it was closed, and the owner called me to say that he had sold it to a family member.

The kids were so excited, and they loved it.

I told them that I’d seen it in a magazine, and that I was a big fan.

They were like, “Really?

And what kind of family is that?”

I told him that the family had been here for a long time, and had always been a big part of the family.

He looked at me and said, Oh, yeah.

I just want to tell you, he’s a good guy.

I have a good relationship with him.

So I thought that would be good.

The other day, I was sitting in the family room, and he came in.

He was a huge fan.

He showed me his family photo.

He came over and said he didn’t want me to take any photos, and just sit there.

He just wanted to see what it was like.

I went to him and said to him, “I love your kids, and this is the way you want it to be.

I love the family.”

He was like, Oh.

Well, let me tell you.

You’ll get a lot of good stuff.

I don’t want to take it back.

I’m just gonna take it.

So, after a couple of days, I called the billiars in New Brunswick.

It looked like the owner had just left, and said that he was coming down, and if I wanted to go, I’d have to pay for it.

My wife and I were like–I was really hoping this would work out, because I didn’t think we could get that deal.

But, he just didn’t come back.

So it was really sad, and my wife and kids were upset, and a lot people said they wanted to come.

We decided to go out to see the billiard room, to get a feel for it, to see how it was.

It had a nice old, worn feel to it.

We walked in and I sat down, looking at my friend who had bought the table for me.

It just had a great feel to the back, the back of the bar, and everything.

So we sat down in the back.

There were a lot other tables there, too, so we were all together, watching the kids and watching the adults.

I sat right in the front row, and then the guy from the family came over, and told us we could go in and watch it.

The billiords were still playing, and we had a very good time.

It wasn’t a big deal to us, but it was very nice to watch it from a distance.

We sat down with the family for about 15 minutes.

The family came in, and there were a couple guys from the other side of the room.

They said, Well–this is for your mom and dad.

They showed me their family photos, where they were, and asked me to give them a hug.

I said, Okay, I’ll just leave you two alone.

They didn’t seem too bothered.

They just told us that they were really proud of you for coming and giving them the money.

They gave me a big hug and told me to stay out of their business.

They’re just happy that you came.

So that’s how I ended up coming down here.

And it’s been a good time for me, I think.

I had a good experience.

I think I’ve gotten to know a lot more people through this experience, and you just get to see all these different sides of the people.

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