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Billiard table Blog How to use the ‘Zerox’ billiard light on your own billiard table

How to use the ‘Zerox’ billiard light on your own billiard table

A billiard lighting specialist in Queensland says he’s the first person to ever buy a Zerox billiard lamp and put it in his own billiard room.

The Australian billiard club was looking for a new source of power to power its electric billiard machines and after trying dozens of different brands, decided to buy the Zerox model from Zero.

“We wanted something with the highest power output and light output for the least money,” said Gary Sargent.

“It was an inexpensive, portable model, so it was great to have something in the house that would give you a lot of bang for your buck.”

Gary and his partner purchased the ZerOX from Zeros website and hooked it up to a 12V battery.

The pair said it was a good value and the electric power was great for the money.

“The lights are super bright and you can adjust the brightness by just pressing the switch,” said Mr Sargeth.

“You can also turn the lights on and off by turning on the light on/off switch.”

The couple had to install a couple of switches, which are very simple to do, but once they were hooked up, they were set to start the process of turning on and using the Zerux lights.

Gary says he had a blast with the lights and said it worked out perfectly.

“I really like the way the lights come on, they are bright and the buttons are very easy to press and there’s not a lot to adjust,” he said.

“They have a lot more buttons than the Zero models and it feels like you have a controller in the hand.”

Mr Sargreth said he wanted to get the lights used, so they would last a while.

“A good billiard machine has been a good machine for many years,” he added.

“So I think it’s really important to take it down a notch.”

When you take a bit of time to get it used, you’ll see the difference.

“Zeros customer service is quick to respond to questions and are looking for customers who have the same questions.

The electric billiord is now the most popular billiard fixture in Australia, according to Gary and his customers.”

People love it and we have lots of people who are really happy to see it out there,” said the electric billier.”

If they’re not happy to have a light in their house then it’s not something they’ll go out and buy.

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